Funeral Options

We believe that every funeral service should be a memorable warm reflection of the person who has died. Because we recognize that every individual is unique, Graceland Cemetery offers a wide array of options for you to express the unique way you or your loved one lived life.

Funeral Services

Funeral Services

Graceland holds funeral services in one of our chapels or at local churches.

Graceland Cemetery, every family we serve has the option to use one of our beautiful mausoleum chapels for their farewell ceremony.

All funeral services are conducted by one of our licensed Indiana Funeral Directors from our sister location, Sunset Funeral Home.

Customize Your Services

Customize Your Service

Among the choices you’ll make is whether you want a traditional funeral; a traditional cremation; or if you want to customize everything from your service, to your casket, to your burial.

Many families believe costs may restrict them from planning a fitting tribute. Photographs, a special song, even a favorite tie or golf clubs, can be incorporated into the funeral service and burial. You tell us what it is it is that made your loved one so special and we’ll give you ideas to help you personalize your tribute.

Whatever your wishes, our staff will be pleased to give you full details about our products and services and help you make your selection.

Funeral Packages, Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso, Indiana

Funeral Packages

Graceland Cemetery offers a complete range of Funeral Packages for both Burial and Cremation.

Review all of the options by calling one of our Funeral Specialists at (219) 462-3511. You can also view a PDF of our packages by clicking here.